Tour of the Gmund hand-made paper factory


After visiting the Louisenthal paper factory, we had the honour of being guests at the Gmund hand-made paper factory on 6 June 2018. The family business was founded in 1829 and is located in Gmund near Lake Tegernsee. The company's products are located in the niche market of fine papers. The company focuses on white and coloured luxury papers which for example are used for exclusive packaging or high-quality advertising printing. The company employs approx. 130 people and produces up to 8000 tons of paper per year. Altogether, two paper machines are used in Gmund. After a warm welcome by the technical manager Mr. Treske we were allowed to visit the company during a detailed tour. A special feature is the paper machine built in 1886, which is the oldest fourdrinier machine still in operation in Europe. It has a production width of 1.6 m and achieves a maximum production speed of up to 80 m/min. Specific basis weights of 70 to 500 g/m² can be produced in one layer. The service life of the sieve, which is approx. 2 years, is also exceptional. Due to its high flexibility and excellent product quality, the machine is still competitive. The newer of the two paper machines dates from 1930 and can produce a paper web up to 2.15 m wide at a maximum speed of currently approx. 100 m/min. Different processes are used in Gmund for the refinement of the papers. A total of 120 different embossing structures can be applied to the paper, various calenders can be used and the surface can be treated with coating machines. Looking at the many coloured papers in the stock of the paper mill, the great variety is impressive. A nearly unlimited colour spectrum can be mixed from a variety of substantive and pigment dyes, whereby up to 4 colours are required for a colour recipe. The papers produced in the handmade paper mill are unique and special. In addition to the well-known hand-made paper, there is a beer paper, for example, which contains solid components from beer production. In addition to the colours just mentioned, surface effects such as matt or glossy effects are also noticeable. We would like to thank the "Büttenpapierfabrik Gmund" for the opportunity to visit such a special paper production.

Felix Hiller, Student Master Paper Technology