Master Students visit the papermill Palm


In one of the many field trips organized during the summer semester a group of Master students in Paper Technology accompanied by Prof. Dr. Stephan Kleemann visited the paper mill Palm (Wörth am Rhein) with the widest paper machine in Europe, producing 650.000 t per year of cardboard. We had a guided tour with the plant manager Jürgen Kosse and the line manager PM 6, Dr. Bernhard Wirth, through the facilities from the raw material handling to the final product warehouse, including the water treatment plant. During the visit we had a great time asking questions, learning about the different processes, and being astonished with the top-of-the-edge technologies installed on site. From a mechanical point of view, the more than 200 meters long machine's set-up includes two gap-formers, two shoe presses and a film sizer, making it suitable for high-speed operation and extremely stable.

For me, the most interesting feature about this mill was the optimization of the resources.

Manuel Fuzy, student Master Paper Technology