Prof. Dr. Angerhöferby arrangement via emailG 3.33
Prof. Dr. Burthby arrangementG 1.45
Prof. Dr. EggerathTuesday12.15pm - 12.45pmG 3.01
Prof. Dr. Gieraby arrangementG 1.45
Prof. Dr. KleemannWednesday01.15pm - 02.00pmG 3.34
Prof. Dr. NaujockMonday11.30am - 12.15pmG 3.34
Prof. Dr. PoschingerMonday (by arrangement)10.00am - 10.45amG 1.31
Prof. Dr. ZieglerWednesday09.30am - 10.30amG 2.33
Prof. Dr. Zollner-CrollWednesday01.15pm - 02.00pmG 3.34

During examination-periods and in semester-break there will be no consultation-hours taking place!

Part-Time Lecturer are to approach after class!